The Handy-Signatur (mobile phone signature) serves as your personal signature on the web and enjoys the same legal validity as your handwritten signature. As a result, you have access to more than 200 e-services in business and administration.



Signature box

Your sensitive documents must not leave your business? 
You have multiple sites and wish to sign no matter where you are?

The signature box is the perfect solution for your digital workflows!

Cash register

As a qualified trust service provider, A-Trust offers a portfolio related to the Austrian Cash Register Ordinance (Registrierkassen Sicherheitsverordnung) and is additionally working on a solution for the forthcoming Cash Register Anti-Tampering Ordinance (Kassensicherungsverordnung) in Germany.


Your data safe with an invoice: is there still a slow signature folder lying on your desk? Why not just go digital? Get your company into GDPR shape! In just a few steps, you will be on the secure side with the GDPR matrix.


Cash register Germany: well prepared with A-Trust
A-Trust, market leader in Austria, is developing a solution for the German Cash Register Anti-Tampering Ordinance (KassenSichV).


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