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Compliance, integrity and convenience have been the backbone of A-Trust since it was founded back in 2000. The company is a qualified trust service provider for electronic certificates and operates on the basis of the eIDAS Regulation. A-Trust is subject to periodic checks by the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR).


A trustworthy partner for your digital processes

The virtually unlimited possibilities opening up on account of the developments in our communication society require ever higher security standards. A-Trust is the Austrian expert for your secure authentication in both the digital and mobile world.


A-Trust is a member of the Internet Offensive Austria board

Internet Offensive Austria represents all stakeholders in the information and communication technology sector. It acts as advisory body to the Austrian federal government and thus serves as a direct facilitator for ICT projects. One of its declared objectives is to ensure that Austria becomes a leader in terms of internet penetration.


A-Trust plays a major role in this interaction, along with A1, Drei, T-Mobile, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, ZTE and many more. It is responsible for the entire technical infrastructure needed for mobile phone signatures and offers its expertise for the development of new ICT projects on the basis of the eIDAS Regulation.


Board of Internetoffensive Österreich





KR Michael Butz, MBA, MSc

MMag. Dr. Erwin Fölhs