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On 1 January 2020 the Kassenversicherungsverordnung - KassenSichV (cash register regulation) will come into effect.  Cash registers in Germany must be equipped with a certified "Technische Sicherheitseinrichtung" (TSE) for protection against manipulation. The integration to your cash register system has to take place by 31 December 2019. Implement the new regulation in a timely and stress-free manner and put it into effect with the interface of the Austrian market leader for certificates!


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Why choose A-Trust as TSE for the cash register regulation KassenSichV?
There are numerous reasons:

  • A-Trust is the market leader in Austria when it comes to the implementation of the cash register security regulation RKSV. If you opt for A-Trust, you can rely on a secure, proven all-in-one solution.
  • Our a.sign TSE solution is easy to integrate and 100% in conformity with the law.
  • We are already offering complete packages and solid price models. Code examples are also available.
  • A sophisticated, excellent product for your customers, attractive margins for yourself and more satisfied customers for us.





Implement the cash register regulation KassenSichV easily and in a timely manner - with A-Trust


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Since 2017 A-Trust was able to successfully implement the Austrian cash register security regulation RKSV for more than 1,400 cash register partners, of which there are already hundreds of partners in Germany. Our lead in know-how and development makes the timely implementation of the cash register regulation KassenSichV very easy.


A-Trust is Austria's leading trust service provider. We guarantee compliance with all requirements of the cash register regulation KassenSichV and DSFinV-K (digital interfaces of the financial administration for electronic recording systems) for all our solutions with maximal security standards.  For more information on the necessary legal provisions, see the technical guidelines BSI TR-03153 (v1.0.1), BSI TR-03153-TS (v1.0.1), BSI TR-03151 (v1.0.1).


A-Trust is an official member of the DFKA - Deutscher Fachverband für Kassen- und Abrechnungstechnik (German trade association for cash registers and billing technology) and maintains a frequent exchange of information with the BSI - Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (Federal Office for Information Security). The legally required certification has been requested, we will gladly inform you of the completion of the same through our newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter now:



You are a cash register manufacturer? Would you like to become an A-Trust cash register partner?


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Thank you for your interest! With us as a long-standing market leader for cash register solutions in Austria, you are also relying in Germany on the right TSS at the right time, cloud-based and therefore future-proof. Our interface is ready, test our API now and prepare in time for the amendment on 01 January 2020. Register as a cash register partner of A-Trust in Germany and test our code examples!


Attractive price models

We gladly pass on our experience and our lead in know-how to our existing and future partners in the form of very attractive price models. For further information on our prices, please register here as cash register partner of A-Trust.





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Here they are, our packages for you as cash register partner, 100% in conformity with the law and easy to integrate:


A-Trust offers KassenSichV solutions in three different variants: a.sign TSE Basic, a.sign TSE Advanced & a.sign TSE Premium+

For detailed information and prices, please register here. Then you can log in to the partner area with your login data.



As a bonus, you can offer all customers free access to their personal A-Trust e-Tresor, the personal electronic data safe. All relevant data can be stored there, available at all times and from everywhere, to enable you an optimal summary of your transactions. The e-Tresor can also be used as universal personal data storage. Up to 2 Gb of confidential data can be stored, e.g. identity cards, registration forms, copy of the passport or other various documents.


For further information or specific inquiries please contact