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Use your Handy-Signatur to authenticate your identity online. It serves as your personal signature on the web and enjoys the same legal validity as your personal signature. 800,000 people have already registered as Handy-Signatur users and, currently, more than 20,000 new registrations are being added every month. Roughly 18,000 signatures are generated every day: users have come to appreciate the convenience, security and the time savings.


A-Trust developed the Handy-Signatur and provides the technical infrastructure that is necessary.

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Digital transformation

Whether tax returns, trade registration, application for child allowance, FinanzOnline or ELGA inquiries: Handy-Signatur can already be used to digitally sign several 100 forms. Procedures with the authorities and other legal transactions that require clear identification can thus be taken care of on 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Users are no longer need to pay attention to the limited opening hours of authorities, banks and companies.

In the course of the digital transformation, secure authentication in the internet is becoming increasingly important when it comes to ensuring the reliable identification of persons and organisations anywhere and at all times.


Our products in a nutshell:

Handy-Signatur app: use the speed-sign app for even more convenience

Handy-Signatur account: manage your digital life from a single location

e-Tresor: it has everything you need for your eBusiness

Signature box: sign large data volumes quickly and securely

Registration offices: Handy-Signatur activation nearby



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  • Legally binding and free of charge
  • Business: sign anywhere and anytime
  • Administration: take care of administrative procedures with the authorities at home


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