Data room

Virtual data room - seamless confidentiality across various media for your content


Secure, fast and easy! In the day and age of Industry 4.0, even highly confidential documents can be made available and exchanged from wherever you are. Not only in due diligence. Both access rights and security architecture play a key role. Therefore, log-in and authentication in the deal environment need to be ensured in the data room of e-Tressor using a personal mobile phone signature.

This centralised administrative platform optimises transactions and ensures network links in the company and with external contacts. Permanent availability, transparency in terms of content and transparent structures are ensured as well as the availability of intuitive operation and gapless data truth.

Analyses, estimates, reports and decisions can be implemented efficiently and effectively "at the push of a button" in e-Tresor's data room. All documents are archived exclusively in A-Trust's Austrian high-security centre, which is subject to RTR supervision. Watermarks applied to the documents provide additional protection.




  • Seamless communication across various media.
  • Quick, secure and easy handling of highly sensitive data.
  • Digital business solution allowing implementation of the multiple control principle.



  • Secure mobile phone signature log-in (non-transferable)
  • Data storage exclusively in the Austria-based A-Trust high-security centre.
  • Documents are protected with watermarks.




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