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E-Tresor turns into Handy-Signatur (mobile phone signature) account: A-Trust has been offering secure communication-related services in the digital and mobile world for 15 years, including the mobile phone signature. The mobile signature account is A-Trust's free online platform for all users offering legally valid signatures and the verification, dispatch or archiving of electronic documents. The platform was launched in 2015 and replaced e-Tresor for retail customers, offering greater clarity and usability. This is where security for your data always takes top priority.




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  • Sign your pdf documents in no time and with a legally valid mobile phone signature.
  • Verify electronic signatures and sign documents.
  • Allow others to retrieve selected documents using a secure access points ("Showbox").


  • Free use for all mobile phone signature users (up to 2 GB or 5 signatures/month).
  • Convenient signing, sending or archiving of electronic documents on one single platform.
  • Seamless communication across various media with business and administration.
  • Data backup at the A-Trust High-security computer centre in Austria


  • For you to use your mobile phone signature account, you need to activate your personal mobile phone signature first. You will find free activation options here. If you already have a citizen card or mobile phone signature, you can log on any time at https://www.handy-signatur.at/ using your mobile phone number of your signature password.
  • Any more questions? Start out here on your virtual tour of the mobile phone signature account.