Activation options

You have multiple options to activate your Handy-Signatur (mobile phone signature) at no charge. You can do so by registering personally at a point of registration or online via various portals:

Point of registration

Activate your Handy-Signatur at one of the points of registration throughout Austria. Generally, you are not required to make an appointment to register. Please bring a valid photo ID (e.g. personal ID or passport) and your mobile phone.


You can request activation of your Handy-Signatur yourself using your FinanzOnline access data (participant identification, user identification and PIN): to do so, log in using your FinanzOnline access data and select the menu item "Activate citizen card now" (to be found further below). Follow the registration process steps given. Within a few days, you will receive a confirmation letter by mail containing an activation code and a PIN code with which to complete activation.

Activation with an existing citizen card or Handy-Signatur

In this area you can

  • activate your Handy-Signatur or
  • activate an additional Handy-Signatur of your own using your existing citizen card (e.g. e-card as citizen card) in only a matter of minutes,
    • if you own more than one mobile phone that you wish to use for the Handy-Signatur or
    • if your phone number changes, thus making a new Handy-Signatur necessary.


Please note: Requires a valid Handy-Signatur or citizen card and knowledge of your password!

Renewal of a Handy-Signatur

In this area, you have the option of reactivating your Handy-Signatur using your existing Handy-Signatur (prior to expiry of the certificate's five-year validity period), i.e. to 'renew' it.

Please note: Requires a valid Handy-Signatur and knowledge of your password!

Bankident (via Postserver)

Requirements: activation of a Handy-Signatur is free for Bank Austria customers if they have a Bankident-verified account at Postserver.

Onlinebanking (via Briefbutler)

The necessary identification in accordance with the Austrian Banking Act is established via bank transfer. You receive the one-time code for activation of your Handy-Signatur by regular mail. A one-off charge of EUR 3 (incl. VAT) will be due for activation.

You can have your Handy-Signatur activated free of charge via your online user account at Österreichische Post AG. To do so, follow the registration process steps in menu item "Handy-Signatur".

School students and teachers -

Here, school students and employees of Austrian schools (except primary schools) can request issue of a Handy-Signatur. A Handy-Signatur enjoys the same legal validity as your handwritten signature. It is free of charge and entirely without red tape.