The ID Austria will be coming soon!

The ID Austria (E-ID), the electronic proof of identity, is currently being designed. But what does that mean to the over 2 million users of mobile phone signatures - the Handy-Signatur users?


Don't worry - the Handy-Signatur (mobile phone signature) will remain!

All active mobile phone signatures, which are activated up to the ID Austria implementation, will be automatically switched over with the start of the ID Austria – the Handy-Signatur remains valid and continues to be recognized throughout the EU. For you this means: same functionality, same handling!



Citizen- and service cards can continue to be used!

Just as all mobile phone signatures automatically become an ID Austria, the citizen card function on municipal- and service cards and on all other citizen cards will continue to be recognized. The appropriate bodies will announce detailed information on the handling of the card after the introduction of the ID Austria.


What's the purpose of the ID Austria?

The ID Austria is a further advancement of the citizen card/Handy-Signatur (mobile phone signature) and will entail an enhancement of the user options, as well as a change of the registration process. In the future, the registration will only take place through authorities: Anyone requesting a passport will automatically receive an ID Austria, unless expressly refused. Up to the implementation of the ID Austria, you can, as usual, have your Handy-Signatur activated by the official points of registration, a list of activation options can be found here.  Also, the ID Austria will successively feature additional attributes, which will open up new application possibilities. It is planned, for example, that in the future the driver's license will be stored on the mobile phone.


You have an application with Handy-Signatur login? Then you are a service provider. You too are affected by changes in the course of the ID Austria: Your application has to be accredited by the BMI, the Federal Ministry for Interior, and the MOA server must be converted to Central MOA. More Information can be found at:


Further information on the ID Austria can be found at: