The seamless and legally secure signature solution for maximum compliance requirements


Sensitive documents are not allowed to leave your company premises? Do you have several facilities and want to sign anywhere and at any time? The Signatur-Box is the perfect legally compliant solution for your digital workflows!


With the Signatur-Box, you are able to digitally sign documents securely and, above all, in a qualified manner, using the four eyes principle, whenever and wherever you want. You thereby meet the maximum compliance requirements: You receive a local, sealed server, which is set up in your company. This way you retain control over sensitive documents, such as insurance, banking, patients or official data.


With the Signatur-Box, bulky signature folders and sending documents by post are a thing of the past. The location and time independent signing of documents, whether on the ski slopes, in another branch or in the home office, accelerates your internal processes. A batch signature interface enables multiple documents to be signed at once with just one SMS using a mobile phone signature, the Handy Signatur. Also Touch IDs and Face IDs can be used. This way you save time and money.

Your data belongs to you

Only the hash value is transmitted to the Austrian A-Trust computer center. In this manner, highly sensitive data that is not allowed to leave the company premises for confidentiality and legal reasons can be digitally signed, legally compliant. All security processes have been tested and approved by the RTR Rundfunk & Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH), the supervisory authority for electronic signatures.


Convenient and individual

The Signatur-Box can be easily implemented in your existing IT infrastructure. You decide yourself how to program the Signatur-Box and whether you want to integrate WMS/DMS. In this way you can expand the Signatur-Box effortlessly and individually, for example, into an e-signature folder.




  • Electronic signature on sensitive documents: Legal transactions possible around the clock, 365 days a year
  • Seamless confidentiality across various media for your company
  • Gathering of large amounts of data
  • You retain control over sensitive documents



  • Local installation: the data remains in the company
  • Convenient implementation for your existing IT infrastructure and individual adaption to your WMS/DMS
  • Sign several documents at once: with a mobile phone signature, the Handy-Signatur, via Touch or Face ID or with just a single SMS




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