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The signature solution for your business


Handwritten signatures are required in sectors subject to strict compliance. Naturally, seamless communication across various media is not an option in that case.

However, the signature box, which meets the highest of compliance requirements, lends itself perfectly for this purpose. This signature solution comes with a sealed server that is set up directly on your company premises. That allows you to retain control over sensitive documents, including data related to insurance, banking, patients or the authorities.


Small box – major benefit: perfect for sensitive documents

Only the hash value is transmitted to the A-Trust computer centre for validation and verification of the sender identity and the integrity of the documents. In this manner, highly sensitive data that is not allowed to leave the company premises for confidentiality and legal reasons can be digitally signed. Furthermore, a stack signature interface allows you to sign several documents in one with only one SMS.

All security processes are tested and approved by RTR, the highest-level supervisor for electronic signatures.




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  • Electronic signature on sensitive documents
  • Seamless confidentiality across various media for your company



  • Local installation: the data remains in the company
  • Convenient implementation for your existing IT infrastructure




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