Qualified remote signature for Europe


The need for seamless processes without media discontinuities continues to grow. No matter what industry you are in: interaction with your customers requires legally certain solutions that enable the online processing of contracts. No matter when, no matter where.

A-Trust and XiTrust have created a joint service to make the business you do on the European stage even more independent:

Conclude your contracts online from anywhere in Europe using xIDENTITY and benefit from your legally certain digital identity.

So-called "remote signatures" that you use in the context of xIDENTITY have the same legally binding character as your handwritten signature and are valid throughout all of Europe. A-Trust operates in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation, thus ensuring as a qualified trust service provider that you can transact your business dealings in conformity with the law and at the highest level of compliance. 








  • Learn all there is to know about qualified remote signatures in Europe




  • Open an account online
  • Sign contracts anytime and anywhere
  • Legally effective remote signature via mobile phone


Functions at a glance

Signing up: An ID, a mobile phone, internet access with a webcam and 10 minutes of your time. Get your xIDENTITY today using the video identification procedure.

Signing: You can upload any PDF file to your xIDENTITY account and sign it immediately with a qualified electronic remote signature.

Developing: API to connect with existing services for authentication or for qualified electronic signatures – coming soon.