A-Trust at IKT-Konvent 2018 (ICT convention): new digital impulses Freitag, 05. Oktober 2018

More than 600 delegates from business, science and politics participated in the 6th IKT-Konvent (ICT convention), including FM Margarete Schramböck, FM Norbert Hofer, FM Juliane Bogner-Strauss, the telecommunications providers and members of the Austrian Internet Initiative (Internetoffensive Österreich). The common goal was to achieve a leading position in Europe on the strength of innovative digitalisation measures. 


New impulses

A-Trust general manager, Michael Butz participated in a lively exchange with representatives from politics, science and business giving new momentum to the continued development of digital agendas. What successful digitalisation needs and how Austria can establish itself as a "leading digital nation" was explored together with involved SMEs. 

Additionally, the new encryption software "Secure Drive" was introduced - a modern solution for confidential corporate data that is encrypted and decrypted using the Handy-Signatur.