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Electronic employee ID cards

A door is opened with an electronic employee ID card.A door is opened with an electronic employee ID card.

Electronic employee ID cards from A-Trust combine the highest level of security with maximum flexibility, making everyday (work) life easier for you and your employees. Thanks to their modular design, they can be tailored exactly to the individual needs of your company and your employees.

Your benefits

The application possibilities for your employee ID cards are nearly limitless. A few selected options:

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Security & Access

Use your smart cards with contactless RFID chip, to open doors or for secure login to your PC, thus preventing unauthorized access. If required, you can outsource your entire public key infrastructure (PKI).

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Secure identification of your employees is also possible thanks to achievable security features up to the quality of the Austrian ID card.

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Digital Signature

If required, your employee ID cards can also be linked to a qualified certificate. This enables a quick and easy qualified signature and guarantees the legal validity of signatures throughout Europe.

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More options

Our employee ID cards enable many other areas of application, such as contactless payment in canteens or at vending machines. Our sales team will be happy to inform you.

Your advantages

Smartcards from A-Trust: More than a classic employee ID card.

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Long-term security

With employee ID cards from A-Trust, you can rely on long-term security and protect yourself and your employees from internal or external security risks (e.g. from unauthorized access). With a card lifetime of up to 10 years, you are on the safe side in the long run.

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Individuelle Anpassung

Unsere SmartCards sind nicht nur extrem vielseitig einsetzbar, sondern können auch vollkommen flexibel auf Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten werden. Der Zertifikatsinhalt, das Sicherheitskonzept und sogar das Kartendesign kann dabei vollkommen individuell gewählt bzw. gestaltet werden.

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Individual customization

Our Smartcards are not only extremely versatile, but can also be tailored flexibly to your individual needs. Both the certificate content and the security concept and even the card design can be chosen completely individually.

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Contact our sales team for your individual offer.