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The Handy-Signatur was replaced by ID Austria on 05.12.2023 - switch now to continue using eServices from business and administration!

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A businessman signs a document with his smartphone. A businessman signs a document with his smartphone.

Upgrade to ID Austria now and enjoy all the benefits: Your existing certificate can still be used in this form for qualified electronic signatures, but an ID Austria is required for use in the eGovernment sector.

Further Information:

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The parallel operation of Handy-Signatur and ID Austria ended on 05.12.2023. This means that from this date, an ID Austria will be required for the use of e-government services and business services. The qualified signature is still possible with your existing certificate (even without switching).

The certificate validity period of your existing certificate will be transferred when you switch to the ID Austria. You can view this at any time in your A-Trust Account .

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Your existing certificate can still be used in this form for the qualified electronic signature (e.g. in PDF Sign or the solutions of our partner companies). However, an ID Austria is required for eGovernment applications. Users will be redirected to a website the next time they try to log in in order to convert the Handy-Signatur into the ID Austria Basic in an uncomplicated process.

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Yes, you can still use the A-Trust signature app to trigger the second factor. This allows you to sign quickly, securely and conveniently using a device PIN, Face ID or fingerprint. All information about the app link can be found here.

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The ID Austria is the further development of the Handy-Signatur (mobile phone signature) and Bürgerkarte (citizen card). With the ID Austria, you can prove your identity to digital applications and services, just as you can with your Handy-Signatur.

The functionality remains the same in many respects: you can continue to register with all services that offer registration with a cell phone signature. You can also continue to sign documents electronically with a qualified signature. For example, you can continue to use A-Trust PDF Sign or your A-Trust Account for convenient signing.

In addition, ID Austria serves as a digital ID platform: With your ID Austria (with full function) you can also identify yourself in everyday life, e.g. with a digital driving license or digital proof of age. Further digital ID cards are to follow.

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There are two levels of ID Austria: Basic Function and Full Function.

ID Austria with basic function

The basic function of ID Austria contains all the functions of the cell phone signature. Signatures using SMS-TAN are also still possible.

The Handy-Signatur can be switched to the ID Austria with basic function at any time via an online process. The login data and the validity period of the cell phone signature must be transferred. Please note that the conversion to the ID Austria must be completed before the validity of the Handy-Signatur expires, otherwise a new registration is necessary.

ID Austria with full function

In addition to the functions of the cell phone signature, the full function of the ID Austria also opens up new application possibilities, such as the ID card function on the smartphone (initially only in Austria). Signatures using SMS-TAN are no longer supported in the full ID Austria function.

For security reasons, an official identity verification is required for the registration of the ID Austria with full function. If you already have an officially registered Handy-Signatur (e.g. issued by an authority such as FinanzOnline), this can be converted directly to the ID Austria with full function by switching to the "Digitales Amt" app. The login data and validity period of the Handy-Signatur must be transferred.

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In the "Digitales Amt" app, you are automatically offered the changeover processes available for your Handy-Signatur when you log in with a Handy-Signatur.

If you are already logged in to the app, open the "Profile" tab. There you will see one of the following buttons:

  • "Umstellen auf ID Austria" (Convert to ID Austria): Your Handy-Signatur has been officially registered (e.g. with a municipal authority or via FinanzOnline) and can be upgraded to the ID Austria with full function directly in the App.
  • "Umstellen auf ID Austria (Basisfunktion)“ (Convert to ID Austria basic function): Your Handy-Signatur has not been officially registered (e.g. via A1, post office or social insurance) and can only be upgraded online to the ID Austria with basic function.
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There are different ways to trigger the second authentication factor; the following two options do not require biometrics at all:

1. Device PIN: On the one hand, there is the option of triggering the second factor via the device PIN in the A-Trust signature app.

2. FIDO token: On the other hand, the second factor can also be triggered via a so-called FIDO token, which can be plugged into a laptop or computer similar to a USB stick and is protected with a PIN chosen by the person signing. However, it must also be noted here that only certain certified tokens can be used to trigger the Handy-Signatur & ID Austria for security reasons. You can find an overview here.

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The handling of ID Austria for qualified electronic signatures remains as simple as ever: Upload the document to your A-Trust Account, A-Trust PDF Sign or your own signature tool, and log in using your user name or cell phone number and signature password via the usual A-Trust interface. Then approve the signature using a second factor (e.g. via the A-Trust Signature App, the “Digitales Amt” App or a linked FIDO token).

Further and more detailed FAQs on ID Austria can be found here.

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If you have any questions about the ID Austria, you can contact the free BRZ service line directly on +43 1 71123 - 884466 (available from Monday to Friday, 8:00-16:00) or by email at buergerservice.oegv@brz.gv.at.

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If the A-Trust Signature App or the app PIN no longer works, the application can be reset:

  1. Start app
  2. Settings
  3. Reset app
  4. Now reinitialize the app via a PC/tablet at: https://www.a-trust.at/appaktivierung

If resetting the app fails or has no effect:

  1. Uninstall app
  2. Disable the backup function in the phone settings
  3. Reload app from store
  4. Re-initialize the APP via a PC/tablet at: https://www.a-trust.at/appaktivierung
  5. When the app is connected, reactivate the backup function
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How to connect the app with your existing QES by A-Trust.

  • Open the page https://www.a-trust.at/appaktivierung/ on the second end device (e.g. PC).
  • Download the app or - if you have already done so - go directly to step 2 and start the activation process (click on the "Start now" button).
  • Log in with your ID Austria or xIDENTITY by entering your telephone number (+43.) and the signature password you have chosen yourself and clicking on "Identify".
  • After entering your data, you will receive a TAN via SMS, which you can use to complete the login. Enter the TAN in the browser window to complete the process
  • As soon as you have successfully registered on the second end device, open the app on your smartphone. If no 10-digit activation code is displayed there, please click on "Start activation", agree to the key generation if necessary and enter the displayed activation code again in the browser window of your computer. After entering it, you will already receive confirmation that your ID Austria or xIDENTITY was successfully connected to the app.
  • To test the successful connection, you can then log in to your A-Trust-Konto.
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The A-Trust Signature App always displays the latest TAN. If several TANs have been requested, simply enter the most recent TAN and press update. Please note that the comparison value displayed in the app must match the comparison value displayed in the web browser.

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Since there are many different Android phones, some things may behave differently on one phone than on another. If an error occurs, please contact support (servicecenter@a-trust.at) and help improve the app.