Service Level Agreement


Description of the service Service Level
Revocation service. This includes acceptance of the revocation/deactivation by the A-Trust revocation service, recording the data and entry into the black list. SL 1
Directory service. Provision of a directory service containing the CA certificates, black lists and, if so requested by the customer, the user certificates. SL 1
Handy-Signatur usage.  SL 1
API for a.sign Seal qualified and a.sign Seal qualified PSD2 SL 1
Registration. Verification and recording of the signatory's identity, followed by issue of a certificate and if necessary adding to the signatory's card. SL 2
Support for CROs. A-Trust provides registration-related support to persons with CRO training. SL 2
PUK service, DirChange, DataChange. Services that allow the signatory to ensure maintenance of the signatory's data or to request a PUK envelope. SL 2
Adding of the identity link. Query of the sector-specific personal identifiers (ssPIN) via the central register of residents (ZMR) (Federal Ministry of the Interior) - adding the ZMR identity link to the activated signature card. No service level

Test products/systems, training system 

  • Training system
  • All the services related to the test systems
  • Test products running in the real system
No service level

  SL 1 SL 2
Guaranteed availability [%] 99,6 97,5
Monitored operating time [hours x days/week] 24x7 8x51
Max. not available [hours/year] 35,04 52,00
Time-to-repair after directory service failure (maximum continuous downtime),
time-to-repair after report of the failure of the revocation service (the service is available again afterwards).
3 h 5 h

1 8x5 Mon-Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm