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More transparency for the recipient


The law prescribes that only natural and no legal persons can be assigned digital signatures. In order to score with customers by virtue of more transparency and trust as a company, a.sign business provides the option of transmitting the name of the company along with the certificate.


The easy way to send along your corporate identity

Your CI can be sent along easily and, above all, legally. As prescribed – the certificate is issued to a natural person authorized to sign for the company. According to what is desired, the certificate then shows only either the company name or additionally, the natural person's name. In this manner, the signature assumes the character of a legal person and the recipient knows immediately what company is behind the sender.


By combining a.sign multisign and the card reader, documents can be given a qualified or advanced batch signature (multiple documents can be signed at once). During the signature procedure, automatic verification ensures that no manipulable contents are on the list.


The a.sign PDF software allows the qualified and visible signature and the simple insertion of your figurative mark into PDF files.
The free software a.sign client is recommended for handling the a.sign business card, installed with the a.sign Full Installer. It supplies you with the basics in terms of signature software and instructions for example for signing and encrypting e-mails or for signing Word and PDF files.


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  • Legal persons can sign
  • Sign | Encrypt e-mails
  • Sign documents
  • Use e-government applications (extension identity link)
  • Use a chip card as an employee ID
  • Use e-banking
  • Use Windows PC login



  • Corporate identity is transmitted too
  • Highest possible level of security guaranteed
  • Transparency and trust are communicated



  • Web browser
  • E-mail account
  • Authority to sign
  • Card reader