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Security and flexibility


Inhouse security is just as important as successful defence against external attacks. a.sign inhouse was developed to equip your employees with a tool made to suit their needs, that is nonetheless secure on the one hand and to keep your effort as low as possible on the other hand. This signature card adapts flexibly to your individual requirements.
It can be used as a conventional employee ID or electric door opener just as well as for canteen or vending machine payment. The issuing process for the card is very easy: since there is no qualified certificate in use, the otherwise typically applicable signature contract is not required. Therefore cards can already be in an activated state when there are sent to the staff in the branches. 
A free upgrade to the a.sign premium card is available, thereby adding use of a digital signature.


Electronic employee ID, service ID (e.g. for the police) or municipal ID - single sign-on is part of a professional and modern area of business these days. The one-time authentication, by means of a smart card (multifunctional chip card), not only represents a high in-house security standard, electronic employee IDs also save time and provide convenience: In addition to secure, unambiguous authentication, they can also be used, for example, as an electric door opener, as well as for paying in the canteen or at the vending machine - there are no limits to its applications.


Whether official photo ID, secure Windows login at the work place or qualified digital signatures: A-Trust has the suitable, modular solution for your individual electronic employee ID. Our smartcards can be optimally adapted to your ideas and needs. It doesn't matter whether you need 100 or 100,000 cards. A-Trust and its partners find the best solution for every requirement and offer professional service from one source. This ranges from the design and printing of the cards to the complete outsourcing of your public key infrastructure (PKI). Therefore, we cooperate closely with you to develop the basics necessary for your needs and thus help with the successful implementation of your project.


a.sign inhouse can be upgraded to a.sign premium at no additional cost (using the same card).


This product can only be ordered as part of a project.

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  • Use chip cards as employee IDs
  • Unlimited application possibilities: Contactless (RFID) chip, e.g. for opening doors, paying in the canteen or as a Windows PC login
  • Optical security features up to the quality of the Austrian identity card
  • 24/7 revocation service included



  • Individual certificate content
  • Individual card design
  • Individual security concept
  • Use of A-Trust software (certificate management, qualified PDF signatures, card reader management) at the workplace
  • Qualified signatures and citizen card function (a.sign premium)
  • Outsourcing of the internal PKI (a.sign inhouse)
  • Domain login, single sign-on
  • Durability of card up to 10 years
  • No signature contract needed between employees and A-trust
  • Can be sent in an already activated state



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