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a.sign multi sign

Save time and money with security!


The sending by analogue means of numerous documents needing a signature requires a lot of manpower, time and money, both in terms of internal and external communication.


This begs the questions: is there a secure alternative that is cheaper and faster at the same time? Yes! – a.sign multi sign.

Using this tool, hundreds of PDF files can be provided with a simple or qualified signature using a single signature PIN and can then be sent easily by the click of a mouse. For electronic signatures and handwritten signatures have been considered legally equal since adoption of the Austrian Signature Act in 1999.

The files sent are displayed in a clear list and spot checked. During the signature process, steps are taken to ensure that elements unsuited for signature are not contained in the PDF file.


You can acquire an a.sign multi sign licence in our webshop.


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  • High cost and time savings potential guaranteed
  • Qualified and advanced signatures possible
  • Only a single work step necessary



  • Hundreds of documents are signed using only a single PIN
  • Qualified or single signature possible
  • PDF signature can be verified using free A-Trust tool