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Your personal signature goes digital!


Usually forms, contracts or registrations are only valid if they bear your personal handwritten signature. This means nothing less than that electronic documents must always be printed, signed, postmarked, put in an envelope and sent by regular mail. If you are fed up with this, then use the a.sign PDF application. After all, secure electronic signatures and classic handwritten signatures have been equally valid ever since adoption of the Austrian Signature Act in 1999. Therefore, documents in PDF format can be signed easily and, above all, securely, and then mailed without media discontinuities. As a result, you save time for both yourself and your employees, while reducing your paper consumption all in one go.        

If you want to sign not just individual documents, but hundreds of PDF files securely at the same time using only one PIN, then use a.sign MultiSign.



In order to use a.sign PDF without restrictions, you have the option of acquiring a licence for the price of EUR 69 (incl. 20% VAT) in our webshop.


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  • Use individual electronic seal/visible signature
  • Simply insert signature image
  • Qualified and easy signing of individual PDF files possible



  • No more troublesome sending by analogue means necessary
  • Signature can be placed freely
  • Visible signature of PDF files possible