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Use certificates in standard applications!

Security comes first in all A-Trust products. For this reason, special signature logarithms that comply with an international standard are applied when certificates are used. In order to guarantee our customers the highest security possible, while also ensuring the use of smart cards with the appropriate certificates in standard applications such as Outlook, Internet Explorer or Office, all that is needed is the installation of our basic software a.sign client.

In this context it is important to note: a.sign client should only be installed when a card reader device is attached, and a card driver has been correctly installed. In addition, the necessary PIN should be entered on the card reading device and not on the PC keyboard. If the a.sign client was correctly installed, a red "a" logo will appear in the task bar. Now you can manage and update your smart card, use all the online services or change administrative functions.



Use of all online customer services provided by A-Trust (add identity link for e-government applications, search for additional A-Trust certificates, request PUK, problem diagnosis)


Please note: The download and the use of a.sign client is subject to the General IT Terms and Conditions of A-Trust GmbH.


Installation instructions


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  • Generate simple signatures
  • Encrypt and decrypt e-mails
  • Support secure internet connections



  • Smart card update with a single mouse click
  • Change or unlock smart card PINs



  • Operating system:
    Windows 2008 or newer
    Windows Vista or newer
  • Card reader
  • Card driver