Windows Login

More security for your employee workplaces!

If your company's data or let alone your customer's sensitive data falls into the wrong hands, this may have serious consequences. In the worst case, an expensive and time-intensive search to get to the bottom of the data theft and the damage to your company's hitherto unblemished reputation which is difficult to repair on both the customer's and the partner's side, can mean your company's demise.

The first step to a secure employee workplace is a Windows PC login via smart card. If you are using the Windows XP operating system or higher, the A-Trust certificate products a.sign premium, a.sign token and a.sign inhouse are excellently suited to provide a secure and, above all, easy login. Combined operation is also possible! Equipped with additional functions, the chip card can also be designed as an employee ID. In all variants, A-Trust takes care of the management of your user certificates. All you need to do is deposit the relevant A-Trust root certificate in the Microsoft active directory.


Personalised card design possible

  • Material for the card body: polycarbonate (PC) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Contact smart card OS or contactless chip (Mifare, Legic)
  • Personalisation by A-Trust: company name, personal data, photo, signature


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