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a.sign corporate

The signature for organisations



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  • Generate digital signatures
  • Protect data via encryption



  • Secure data transmission, protection against cyber spying and third-party manipulation
  • Grow customer confidence through protected data transfer
  • Brief setup time - as a rule, you will receive your certificate within x working days



  • Basically, anyone who operates a server can also apply for a signature server certificate. For this purpose, A-Trust checks and verifies your data via an excerpt from the Austrian Company Register or the European Business Register (EBR). If the requesting organisation is not a registered company, verification shall be provided by submission of a copy of a document stating that the organisation actually exists.
  • The key length must be at least 2048 Bit (RSA). SHA-256 is recommended as the minimum hash algorithm.


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a.sign corporate „Amtssignatur“

The secure certificate for government employees


The unique authentication of senders and the decryption of encrypted data sets is also of great importance to authorities. Therefore, A-Trust has developed an official signature specifically for members of Austrian authorities and organisations with authority status.

The official signature is part of the a.sign corporate family: the certificate allows the creation of digital signatures via data and decrypts incoming data. This electronic signature cannot be forged, but it can be verified.

The key length of the SSL certificate must be at least 2048 Bit (RSA); SHA-256 is used as hash algorithm.




  • Unique authentication in the web
  • Protected data transfer



  • Member of an Austrian authority


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