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a.sign light

Signing sensitive e-mails digitally and encrypting them


Insecure e-mails were yesterday: a.sign light is a simple software certificate for signing and encrypting e-mails. The product can be used on any number of workplaces belonging to the same user - without any additional hardware.

It has a five-year period of validity. We will notify you in time to let you know that your old certificate is about to expire.



Since a.sign light does not include the issue of a qualified certificate (electronic signature in accordance with the EU Regulation equivalent to a handwritten signature), this is not a citizen card.

You need more functions and would like to use more e-business services in the future? Then the A-Trust card product a.sign premium is a practical option.

Our sales team will be happy to advise you on how to best apply our solutions:




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  • Sign and encrypt e-mails quickly and securely
  • Conclusive proof of copyright ownership and protection against manipulations


  • Installed directly on the computer, no additional hardware required (e.g. card reader)
  • Central and decentral use possible
  • Supported by the most commonly used e-mail systems
  • Can be issued to group e-mail addresses within a project


  • The central use of a.sign light requires an e-mail gateway and a central e-mail server (e.g. Exchange, Lotus Notes).