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Simple and secure authentication for payment service providers

On 14 September 2019 the second Payment Service Directive (PSD2) will come into effect.  With A-Trust, Austria's leading Trust Center and market leader for certificates, you can implement the new EU Directive in a simple, timely and above all secure manner.


PSD2 is geared towards banks, application developers, alternative payment service providers and Fintech companies operating as payment service providers in account management, payment initiation, account information and the issuing of card-based payment instruments. The Europe-wide online payment transactions are thereby liberalized and third-party providers receive access to the account of the user or payment information, after the user's consent.

Get acquainted with the certificate solution from A-Trust, secure communication via web interface when accessing accounts and explicit and legally secure authentication with A-Trust certificates:  Whether with the digital company seal (a.sign Seal qualified PSD2) or as a qualified SSL certificate supporting PSD2 (a.sign SSL qualified PSD2), A-Trust has the perfect solution for your business!


Our solutions at a glance:


a.sign seal qualified PSD2

The digital company seal identifies the accessing company and prevents any alterations to the signed data.
  • Qualified certificate
  • Signature via web interface
  • Transfer of hash value
  • PSD2 attributes
  • Valid for 5 years

 Order a.sign Seal qualified PSD2 now


a.sign SSL qualified PSD2

The qualified SSL certificate with supporting PSD2 identifies the accessing company and secures an encrypted transport channel.
  • Qualified certificate
  • Web Trust EV certification
  • Web Server Certificate
  • Multi-domain is possible
  • PSD2 attributes
  • Valid for one year

Order a.sign SSL qualified PSD2 now




How do I order?

  1. The certificate can be ordered through our A-Trust Website
  2. Forwarding of the required documents (see Requirements)
  3. A-Trust will review the documentation and consult with the FMA (Austrian Financial Market Authority) for verification of the issuance.
  4. Issuance and delivery of the certificate is accomplished via download from the Webshop.   Submit the complete documentation and you should receive your PSD2 certificate within 3 weekdays.



The following documentation is required for the application of a PSD2-certificate:

For the a.sign Seal qualified PSD2 you require a Certificate Signing Request for a software certificate, which is used for authentication purposes with the use of the PDF signature interface.


For the a.sign SSL qualified PSD2 you require a Certificate Signing Request from your web server.


For a.sign Seal qualified PSD2 as well as a.sign SSL qualified PSD2, you require the FMA notification (or that of another European Supervisory Authority) for any of the following four roles as financial service provider:

  • Account management
  • Payment initiation
  • Account information
  • Issuance of card-based payment instruments


You are also required to provide the following information for both PSD2 certificates:

    • Complete company name and registration number in accordance with the official registration
    • Proof of identity by means of a qualified electronic signature (mobile phone signature) or an official photo ID
    • In the event that the company's registered address is located in another EU country, an authorized representative must prove the identity of the applicant by presenting a notarized official register extract



Requirements for a.sign SSL qualified PSD2

  • A registered and publicly available domain name is required. In the event that the applicant is not the domain owner, a power of attorney with an ID scan and qualified signature is required
  • The address cited in the appendix is based on a report prepared by a third        authorized person (legal opinion of notary or attorney, respectively a certified annual account by an independent auditor), which coincides with the address cited in the commercial register
  • Bank confirmation of an active account in the company's name